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The Road to Becoming Interest Free

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Know How to Save on Your Mortgage

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It may be the biggest purchase you ever make.  Buying a home.  And if you don’t plan out your approach to keeping the costs down, you may end up spending more than you’d like.  Finding small ways to save can really add up with this investment.

This information isn’t just for the first-time home buyers.  It’s also for those looking to save on their current mortgage, maybe you’re in the market for a second mortgage, investment property, or you’re getting ready to move.

Preparing ahead can cut out costly mistakes to help keep that money in your wallet and avoid shelling out more than you need to.  Don’t have regrets about your biggest bill.  Instead, know how to accumulate those savings with these tips I’ve laid out for you.

Location, location, location

Location is everything.  Or is it?  While it is great to live close to town, your friends, family, work, the freeway, or grocery store, you also pay more to do so. Try looking a little further outside of your target area.  With the mindset that your mortgage will be your biggest purchase, a savings of  $10k-$20k can shave off a few years and even more interest.

The Reasons Why We Are Always in Debt

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Why are we always in debt?  What’s more troublesome than being in debt is not knowing why we are in debt. I compiled some of my top reasons of what is keeping us in debt. Reasons include paying full price, Read more…

9 Step Student Loan Plan

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I am finally FREE from student loans.  I started with close to $60,000 in student loans less than 15 years ago.

Do you know how hard it is to pay for student loans after classes are over?  You may have an idea if you’re reading this now.

You finish school, land a job, and then you continue to pay for school.  And pay. And pay.  Month after month, year after year.  And there is nothing you’re holding or enjoying when you fork over the money to your student loan servicer every month.

Now, I am all for education to further your development.  As with anything, I think you need to weigh cost and benefit before you dive in.  Education should always be a positive investment that pays itself off.

Want To Take That Road Trip Now? Here’s How You Can Save At The Pump

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When I think of summer, I think of vacation and road trips.  I also think of gas prices and how they skyrocket this time of year.

Check out my ways to get the biggest savings at the pump.

Gas station reward cards

There are so many gas stations now that offer rewards cards and fuel savings by just filling up your tank.  This is where it pays to be loyal to your gas station.

If you’re using multiple gas stations to fill up, then you may want to sign up for each of their reward programs or to simplify it, maybe you sign up for the two gas stations you visit most often.

Think Outside the Television Box To Save

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Have you heard of Sling?  Sling TV, that is.  I’ve been using Sling for a few months now and I don’t even miss our former television provider.

We have a smart tv now, but they offered a ROKU for free when we first signed up. All we had to do is subscribe and pay for two months in advance.  For the price and the free ROKU, we agreed to it.

On their website, they state they are the #1 live streaming service and I believe it.  You’re not stuck with all these channels you will never watch and you’re not entered into some lengthy contract.  There is no hidden fees and you can cancel online at any time.

There are three packages.  Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Sling Blue.  The first package starts at just $20!  You heard me right, $20.  This package offers over 30 channels.  Sling Blue has over 45 channels for $25, and Sling Orange + Sling Blue offers 50+ channels for $40.

Lose Your Brand Loyalty

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Okay, maybe not for everything.  The idea is to shop around for better prices.  Brand loyalty is defined as having a positive feeling toward a brand, building a commitment to them through shopping behaviors, and making multiple purchases with that same brand over time.

Several years ago, this was one of the hardest habits for me to break.  I bought brand name everything because it’s better, right? And then my husband opened my eyes to off-brand products.

I was buying cotton swabs, body wash, lotion, sunscreen, laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, disinfectant wipes.  The list goes on.  Everything was brand name.  Some of these were products that I grew up with and some of them I tried based on a commercial or magazine ad.

Now, maybe you have coupons for those brand name products and maybe you buy in bulk and your bulk retailer carries that brand name product for less.  The savings can still add up by comparing the prices along with the quantity against other products.  A coupon or buying in bulk doesn’t always equate to the best deal.

5 Ways to Save Now Shopping Online

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Honey (not the stuff you add to your tea)

Pass the honey because you do not want to miss out on this sweet deal!  Would you like to know how you can save even more shopping on Amazon?  I recently discovered Honey and it is awesome.

Honey is an extension you can add to your browser for FREE.  It can locate coupons for you at over 30,000 online websites.  That’s not all.  Rest assured, Honey will find the best price on Amazon by searching top rated sellers and comparing the price history of an item.

Honey will even send you a notification when your price drops on an item that is in your cart.  We’re not just talking about the blouse you’ve had your eye on or anything else on your want list.  This works on toilet paper, body wash, and diapers.


You may be more familiar with this one or maybe you’ve tried it.  EBATES, similar to Honey, also has a browser extension button you can install for quick savings.  The Cash Back Button feature will alert you of the percentage of cash back you can receive when  you visit your favorite shops online so no need to remember to visit Ebates everytime you shop.