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How Do I Start My First Blog?

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How do I start my first blog?  This is a question I had only three short months ago.  First, you find a niche.  Secondly, you want to come up with a name for your blog.  Next, you want to register Read more…

Put Your Pinning Into Overdrive

When starting a new blog, there are so many things to think about and do.  You want to be spend your time creating amazing content, and not worry about reaching your niche audience at the right time of day.

I was grateful to learn about a tool early on in my blogging career and I know you will be too when you see what it can do for you.  It was recommended to me by a fellow blogger I was following and it was a GAME CHANGER.

This was one of the first tools I started using when blogging and I am so glad it was recommended to me.

The first thing I noticed about this tool is how easy it was to use.  After signing up, you’re prompted to take a demo on mastering the platform and I did that, but felt it was fairly easy to navigate without the demo which I cannot say that about most tools I’ve TRIED!