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When starting a new blog, there are so many things to think about and do.  You want to be spend your time creating amazing content, and not worry about reaching your niche audience at the right time of day.

I was grateful to learn about a tool early on in my blogging career and I know you will be too when you see what it can do for you.  It was recommended to me by a fellow blogger I was following and it was a GAME CHANGER.

This was one of the first tools I started using when blogging and I am so glad it was recommended to me.

The first thing I noticed about this tool is how easy it was to use.  After signing up, you’re prompted to take a demo on mastering the platform and I did that, but felt it was fairly easy to navigate without the demo which I cannot say that about most tools I’ve TRIED!

The biggest plus for me is it was FREE to start using and this included 100 scheduled pins and 3 tribes.  I have to mention that no credit card was required when trying this out which is HUGE in my opinion.

What is this glorious tool?


When you are utilizing Pinterest, you have a goal of what you want to achieve.  Is it to learn more, pin high quality images, gain more followers, have your content be seen, boost traffic to your site, or reach your niche audience at the time they are online?

The feature that was most important to me was to post my pins at an optimal time for my audience.  That in itself would have had me.

Then, I started learning about Tailwind Tribes.   They are other bloggers grouped into niches.

There are soooo many niches to choose from.

Tribe Niches.png

I typically talk about finance and savings so when I first started looking, I couldn’t find my niche in the niche buttons available.  There are other niches broken down within each niche button so keep that in mind.  My niche button is usually Lifestyle.

Since I post about finance and savings, I really don’t tie my profile to Instagram.  I plan on expanding my scope in the near future.

Back to Tailwind Tribes.  They are like Pinterest group boards where you can share your content to similar audiences.  You pin their content that relates to your boards and they pin your content.  It’s a win-win!  Different tribes have their own rules so be sure to read those before getting started.

If you’re a travel, food and drink or DIY blogger, you’ll want to be connected to Instagram to share your new photos to your Instagram account.  You can do that with Tailwind!  Yay!  Can you tell I love this tool?!


Without a doubt, this is the most valuable tool I have since starting a blog.

Not only does it have all the amazing features I just talked about, the reporting is top notch.  Why do you care about reporting?  As you grow your business, you will want to see your numbers to gauge your performance and the performance of your boards.

When you sign up for Tailwind, you’re prompted from Pinterest (or Instagram) to authorize the Tailwind app.  Once this is complete, Tailwind is able to pull all of your reporting from Pinterest or Instagram.

I like to check out the Board Insights tool to see what Pinterest boards of mine are performing well.  This tab will list out each of your boards, pins on each board, board follower count, repins, virality score, and total board engagement score.

Board Insights.png
Tailwind Board Insights

There is a also a Pin Inspector tool that allows you to review your individual pins like your boards to see the performance of each pin.

Did I mention there is an app too?  Installing the app allows you to browse Pinterest on your mobile device and schedule your pins directly from your Pinterest app by adding a Tailwind schedule button to the pins your viewing on your mobile device.

Other than scheduling pins from Pinterest, I use the Tailwind app mostly to see my schedule and if I need to add more pins to my queue.

My Tailwind app

This shows my calendar and the pins I have scheduled at the recommended times based on my niche audience.  At the bottom, you can see the number (104) in red.  This is the number of pins I have scheduled in my queue.

My Tailwind app

It’s literally on autopilot!  I can check back once that number starts to go down more, but it will be a few days. 🙂

I just upped my pinning, but am only pinning up to 15 times a day.  Take a look at my pinning schedule below.

The dark green time slots are the most optimal times for my audience to be pinning.  The light green are time slots I added based on Tailwind’s recommendation.

Uh…2 am??  I am not up that late!

Pinning Schedule
My Tailwind Smart Schedule

To add a time slot based on their recommendation, you go to your schedule and add a time slot by either clicking the unfilled white time slot bubble with the plus sign in it or you can add a custom time slot of your own by clicking the dark blue bubble with a plus sign to the right of the weekday.  It’s so easy!

Well, there you have it.  I hope this has been informative for you and will save you some time.  Happy pinning! Or happy scheduling!  It’s a Tailwind thing.  🙂

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