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Have you heard of Sling?  Sling TV, that is.  I’ve been using Sling for a few months now and I don’t even miss our former television provider.

We have a smart tv now, but they offered a ROKU for free when we first signed up. All we had to do is subscribe and pay for two months in advance.  For the price and the free ROKU, we agreed to it.

On their website, they state they are the #1 live streaming service and I believe it.  You’re not stuck with all these channels you will never watch and you’re not entered into some lengthy contract.  There is no hidden fees and you can cancel online at any time.

There are three packages.  Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Sling Blue.  The first package starts at just $20!  You heard me right, $20.  This package offers over 30 channels.  Sling Blue has over 45 channels for $25, and Sling Orange + Sling Blue offers 50+ channels for $40.

We don’t have a DVR like we used to with our old television provider.  That was a bit of a change for me because you never miss a show.  However, you can add on the DVR for $5 each month with any package.

Don’t see a station you like in either of the lineups?  No problem.  Sling allows you to customize your viewing preferences with add-on packages.  To see what you can add, click here and scroll down.

We currently have the Sling Orange package.  When one of my favorite shows was over on the DIY network and I had a baby, I swapped out our Lifestyle package for the Kids package.  Our total bill with tax is just shy of $27.

Are you set up to watch Sling TV?  You can view Sling TV through Apple TV, iOS, ROKU, Amazon fireTV, chromecast, XBOXONE, AirTV player, and Android TV to name a few.

Do you love great support like I do?  You can reach them over the phone, through online chat, and I’ve even reached out to them on Twitter.

Do you prefer international programming?  They’ve got it.  Global programming is available in over 20 languages through 200+channels.

How do local channels work?  They are based on your location.  You can go the FAQ page on the website to see what local channels you can receive.  My family uses rabbit ears to watch our local channels and they come in just fine.

Are there commercials?  Yes, there are commercials.  They are short and seem to be different from the commercials I was used to watching with our old TV provider.  I actually enjoy watching the commercials because they seem to be more targeted to our interests.

There are plenty of sports options available too if that would pique your interest.  Don’t take my word for it.  Head over to the FAQ page of the website for more details.

Have you tried Sling?  What did you think?  Write a comment and chime in.

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