5 Ways to Save Now Shopping Online

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Honey (not the stuff you add to your tea)

Pass the honey because you do not want to miss out on this sweet deal!  Would you like to know how you can save even more shopping on Amazon?  I recently discovered Honey and it is awesome.

Honey is an extension you can add to your browser for FREE.  It can locate coupons for you at over 30,000 online websites.  That’s not all.  Rest assured, Honey will find the best price on Amazon by searching top rated sellers and comparing the price history of an item.

Honey will even send you a notification when your price drops on an item that is in your cart.  We’re not just talking about the blouse you’ve had your eye on or anything else on your want list.  This works on toilet paper, body wash, and diapers.


You may be more familiar with this one or maybe you’ve tried it.  EBATES, similar to Honey, also has a browser extension button you can install for quick savings.  The Cash Back Button feature will alert you of the percentage of cash back you can receive when  you visit your favorite shops online so no need to remember to visit Ebates everytime you shop.

Do you know they also have a mobile application you can download?  I have saved even more using the mobile app because it can offer a higher rate of cash back than the browser version so make sure to check both.


Yes, I said Facebook.  Sometimes companies will offer coupons on their Facebook page that they don’t have elsewhere.  Having a unique coupon code on Facebook allows a company to track purchases their customers make through Facebook marketing which is pretty valuable to a company.  So be sure to like the companies you shop at or at least scour their Facebook page when you’re ready to shop.

Google Shopping

Are you looking for something in particular, but don’t care where you buy it from?  Maybe you have an online retailer that is your go-to store for lower prices.   Well, this may change your shopping habits.

Go to Google, type in exactly what you’re looking for and then click the Shopping button.  It’s that easy.  You can compare your go-to retailer price along with the prices at other stores. I use this often at Christmas time or when shopping for a gift.  Your loved one may have sent you a link to something they want and they didn’t price shop so now it’s up to you.

Promotional and Coupon Code Websites 

I will not shop online without first searching long and hard for a coupon or promotional (promo) code.  If I cannot find a coupon code for a retailer on their website, I typically check out RetailMeNot or Google search the company + the words promo code or coupon code.

If your location services are turned on for this app, you can receive deal notifications when you are nearby your favorite stores. RetailMeNot also has a mobile app which allows you to easily retrieve that coupon when shopping in-store.

For more Saving In A Pinch tips, be sure to follow me.  How do you save shopping online?  Leave me a comment.  As always, stay tuned.


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